Old Trafford paid its due tribute to the Captain with a full stand mosaic.

For Wayne Rooney, the millions raked in last night should mean that the major goal of last night was achieved. There will be a substantial contribution to make for the various charities that stood to benefit from the gate collections and donations. A noble gesture.

For Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, last night was another very necessary outing in a pre-season schedule that feels one game short. Indeed, often times before the Old Trafford leg of every pre-season schedule, United have not required the number of substitutions Jose Mourinho made last night.

The argument is that with just a few days to the big kick off, the manager ought to have used pre-season to settle upon a select group of players to play more than the minutes they racked up yesterday. On Sunday, in the Community Shield against the Champions, the manager might be short of personnel who can last the '90 in peak shape. It could very well be that the manager's priority on Sunday will be to stay injury free as bodies will be a little more stretched than they've been on tour.

The most niggling concern on the night was how United looked LVG-ish with plenty of possession, playing infront of the Everton back four without really hurting them. Leicester City will not mind if this scenario is repeated on Sunday. At least there was more goal mouth action than a typical LVG game. Zlatan Ibrahimovic fired his two clean chances straight at Marteen Skelenburg. That both his chances came from Wayne Rooney will have heartened the manager.

The game itself on a whole passed for a drub affair with the tempo a far cry from the helter skelter of the premier league. That's testimonials for you. At least both managers respected the occasion with full strength sides.Fitness aside, it didn't really matter for much to either of them. For United, on Sunday, it will matter a little more. There will be confidence gained from starting the season with a victory over the defending Champions and the reverse is also true.

The preparation has not been the most adequate but with the exception of one extra addition, the group has pretty much been together for a while now. It is a far cry from the days Jose Mourinho prefers to lead from the front when the season starts. It never really works for him in any other way. Indeed twice he has struggled when his Chelsea side failed to start the season with peak form. As such, United will hope that they are in shape to make the first month of the season count.

Wayne Rooney has revealed that Mourinho is yet to raise his voice at his players. I imagine that state of events will not last for long now that from hereon it starts to matter.

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