Whilst I am unable to blog on a consistent basis for now, the odd post here and there should keep this forum at bay. 

So let's see, we beat Leicester City at home in a game that was dubbed a revenge mission for that dark day in September, when in truth, anything less than three points would have had us packing it in for the season. We're supposed to beat Leicester City away everyday let alone at home. In fact, we might yet regret our inability to win games 5-0 anymore. Although the lesson from September was to kill off matches hat are won, you cannot ease off in this league with a full 45 minutes left to play. What were Leicester supposed o do in the second half? It was thence a bit nervy seeing us let them off the hook in that second period.

We might be the top home goal scorers in the division but there's a few sides below us who have a better goal difference than us because they tend to put more than a fair share of goals past opponents they're cruising against. Take for instance what Arsenal's 5-0 demolition of hapless Villa on Sunday could do for them if that Champions League battle comes down o goal difference. We've already suffered in the recent past because of having an inferior goal difference to a rival. It's effectively an extra point.

On the bright side, we're third in the league again! 5 points off City in second place means that we're still capable of achieving our league target ahead of schedule if we put on another run of wins.

As far as silverware is concerned, the FA Cup has never been on a silver platter before for us. Cambridge United visit Old Trafford tonight in search of swapped shirts more than anything else. Just so as we can sleep with the guarantee that the sun will rise tomorrow, like it's been doing for the last 4.6 billion years, United have to end the night as victors. Any other result and kingdom will finally come.

Beyond that is the tricky trip to West Ham on Sunday evening. Another tight, bubbly away pitch to haunt our away record this season. 

Finally this blog owes a special tribute to the departing Darren Fletcher who has joined West Brom. It's testament how vital he turned out to be in his prime that he is remembered for the game he never played...the 2009 Champions League Final. Darren is one of those rare breed professionals who never raised dust at the club and always left it all on the pitch. He's a role model to young professionals for having battled his way into the United team against all odds and is now a hero in the medical sphere for battling his way out of a life threatening bowel condition. 
We can only wish him well....when United are not playing against his new team.