Manchester United bounced back from their defeat at home to the Saints with an away victory at QPR after a 20 minute period or so of ass twitching from the manager in a 4-4-2 diamond formation.

The club then went three steps back with a bore 0-0 draw against Cambridge United of League 2 in the FA Cup.

Since then; A) It's been established that the manager is aware that United perform better in a 4-4-2 but he'd rather be better off spending his time in the dug out free of ass twitching.

B) That somehow, United, for all their strengths going forward are short of ideas on how to create goal scoring chances consistently enough to allow the forwards enough opportunities to score goals.

In response to A; Manchester United have, throughout their history been about Risk. It was risky for the club to engage in European competition in the late 1950s as it was uncharted territory on British soil. Sir Alex Ferguson built his reign at United around risk. The truth is he won more than most because he took the most risks. At the end of a game, the conventional wisdom was that play it safe and see it out or quite simply give up. Sir Alex made it a habit to throw everything at teams in the closing stages which carried with it an element of risk of being exposed at the back. United have indeed suffered a few times because of that strategy, but those times will scarcely be recalled because of the reaps of the risk.

It's much more exciting, and more into the DNA of the club to have us ass twitching than sit through 90 drub minutes. Manchester United do not play it safe, they risk it.

In response to B; WHAT?

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