Ed Woodward has done the substantial business, it's time for LVG to do the business on the pitch. I mean, with the players currently available to the manager, you do not need time to find a way to beat QPR or the like. Manchester United are a month into their redemption season but we have no win to show for it. For many clubs, the close of the transfer window means the real start of the season. For United, it has to. The easy part of our season is slowly getting past us without making the most of very winnable points.

At Burnley, the pace of the game was so slow and laborious that we were predictible at times, scratch that, all the time. At the moment, it's easy to defend against us and attack us. There's so sense of urgency on the pitch. It's already apparent that the ball has spent more time with our defenders than our forwards, which is a shame considering where the team's strength lies.

After adding Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria to an already strong attack, you do hope that we start pacing the ball upfront quickly to give the opposition the kind of problems we are so capable of handing out.

It's only a game a week from hereon. There's every reason to break a leg in all our fixtures. The International break should allow us to get back some players from the treatment room but that can only mean that the weight of expectation can only increase on a side so expensivley assembled.

The scrutiny will be more intense, the criticism even more. It's up to the club to deal with it in the only way that will put the knives away.....get some wins on board.