It's not yet game 38, but United play at home for the last time in 2013/2014 tonight against Hull City. After having his managerial bubble burst against Sunderland at the weekend, Ryan Giggs will want to end the club's home campaign on a winning note. Ever since he made the switch from player-coach to manager, it always seemed like his playing days were slowly slipping away from him. At 962 appearances for the club, Giggs has put himself in a unique category of legends at the club. I'm sure there's more than one or two United fans that want him to name himself in the team tonight in what could yet be his final appearance at Old Trafford after a career that has spanned a generation.

Speaking of legends, Old Trafford will tonight pay tribute and bid farewell to one of the greatest defenders to don the club's shirt. Nemanja Vidic joined the club 8 years ago and added the grit and determination that a typical Serb is naturally born with. His tough as nails approach to defending made him the world's best defender by 2009 and has since been a force to reckon with. His fearless and brutal approach to the game suprised me up to the day he knocked at Sir Alex's door and asked the then manager to allow him leave England to serve his country in war. It then dawned onto me that flying into challenges with his head was never going to frighten a man willing to engage in the business of live rounds.

Captain Vida might have lost a litre or two of blood during his 8 years with us but he loved defending. He almost seemed disappointed whenever he left the pitch without losing blood. Most footballers break sweat, Vidic broke blood. Perhaps the greatest tribute to his contribution to United is that like Stam, the club will not find a defender like him anytime soon. I'm pleased that he leaves us 15 accolades better off than when he joined, including a Champions League medal won in his home country at the ground of his former club.

The 2014 Revolution that will take place at Old Trafford is also likely to see many players make their final Old Trafford appearance tonight. It's really set up to be an emotional lap of honour for many. Old Trafford has become accustomed to having them with something to show for the season. This time though, the players have a job to thank the fans for supporting the team through a season that will hopefully go down as the worst ever Manchester United will have to endure for as long as the club exists. We've done so poorly that we do not need to improve much to do better next term. It is imperative that we reclaim our trophy next term.

That job starts after tonight as there's every chance we shall officially know the idientity of the new manager by this time tomorrow.

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