The narrative of this season has been one step forward, two steps back. It's little wonder that we have maintained a league position of perfect mediocricy this term. Understandably, Ryan Giggs promised all the players game time in his 4 games in charge, but there was always the chance that it could cost him a game or two.

As a player coach, he knows the individual strengths of that dressing room but you do get the feeling that a lot of his judgement of the players is based on their performance under the genuis of Sir Alex. As such, despite an already poor season, he might still be smarting from the shortcomings of some of his fellow professionals.

It's been in the games that demand something extra that have seen us exposed a lot this term. That is where the genuis of Ferguson has been soleley missed since last May. You therefore have to think that the new man in charge next term has got to have that extra brilliance to overcome days like yesterday and the different probelms encountered enroute to the other 6 home defeats.

On a brighter note though, that earlier result in the day involving Spurs had many of us worried about Europa league football. Spurs didn't think they would be let off that easy, now did they? In a season where the club will be under pressure to quickly return to the glory days, the last thing we need on our minds is Thursday night football.

For starters, Europa league qualification starts 31st July. If reports are to be believed that a one Louis van Gaal is destined to be the manager, that gives the old bloke a little over a week to get unveiled, do preseason, sort out the expected squad overhaul and start the new season. It could just as easily end up being as chaotic as the previous summer.

So, no Spurs, 7th will do just fine for us this term. Next up is the final home game of the season on Tuesday against Hull. Old Trafford has been the problem venue this term, but we would all like to close out the season at home with a win.