It was great, but when it sunk in, bittersweet. There's now only two ways of analysisng the last 10 months: Either David Moyes was completely out of his depth at United and hence offered nothing to challenge the players to defend our trophy, OR, that the players simply did not take to him and simply strolled through the season in the hope that he would eventually be shown the door before a lot of them are.

More than anything else, the performance on Saturday, albeit against relegation threatened Norwich, showed that the latter analysis is more probable than the former. The tempo, pressing and desire in the team was akin to what you would associate with United on a big European night at home. I mean let's be honest: United usually do not need to step out of second gear to beat the likes of Norwich. However Ryan Giggs, on his managerial debut, instilled ito into the players to go out and quickly impose themselves on the opposition, sniff out their attacks and hunt for goals from the start.

A 4-4-2 formation at Old Trafford designed to quickly get the team in a comfort zone as soon as possible is what fans had grown accustomed to over the years. No suprises then that this our best league result of the season and that we fashioned more chances in this fixture than in any other game this season. In many ways, game 35 was the first in a long while since it felt likes a proper matchday. From Giggsy's presser to matchday to the post match presser; it was all like Manchester United re-born.

The most hurting point about the season has been players strolling through games without conviction, without purpose enroute to defeats. It was great to see all those cherished United values return to the side. Even if Norwich had somehow managed to defend a cleansheet and nick a goal, you wouldn't fault the team on that kind of effort and drive. It's now all about maintaining that through to the end of the season.

For many, the end of the season was supposed to be a slow pain to the finish line of a nightmare season. Giggs has brought back that belly fire that could yet give us cause to remember something about this year. The Class of 92 in charge of Manchester United is the stuff of dreams. Unfortunately, it cannot last beyond the summer, but perhaps its a starter for a main course that will come someway down the line. If that was the starter, what a meal we'll be in for?