Blogging about Manchester United towards the end of a season has never been as unexciting as it has been this term. That said, we've already had more than enough unpleasant 'firsts' this season to worry so much about blogging.

It hasn't been a common theme in the last couple of decades that we've gone into the final lap of the season playing for nothing of importance. But again, you do not need reminding that this season has been a complete lab rat.
In fact, the only thing baffling is how we've managed to rule ourselves out of every prize in football and yet still have, not just one game, but games to play.

It's all acceptable that misery comes to us all but the good people in safe houses will include you in their will if you put a gun to their head and end their misery. The FA are sadly having none of it. United will play at least four more games----five if by some incohate mirracle, game 38 finds them 2 points off 4th.

We've had so much salt rubbed into our wounds this season that many of us are now wondering what the fuss was about salty water. It's actually great!
I digress, but I found it weird that some journalists still think there's any salt left in the world for Everton to rub into our wounds. Everton's best hope on Sunday is sugar, for nothing salty can hurt this Manchester United side anymore.

The popular line is beating the toffees somehow enhances the chance of 4th. The reality though is that Arsenal are the beneficiaries of Everton's slip up in mid week. Beating Roberto Martinez's side only rubber stamps that.

Moving on from popular lines, the apparent official line is that David Moyes will only start next season in his job if United are at least in the Europa league next season. It's not a target out of the means of the Scot as he often was thereabouts with his former side.

About Sunday though, David Moyes has an oppportunity of claiming a personal accolade---setting up United to play better football than Everton. It's either that or further evidence that he perhaps held Everton back with his cautious means. Given how United have recently performed away from home in fluid formations, that cannot be difficult. If he selects something that mirrors the games away to Newcastle, West Ham and Palace, then we might be good for another away performance.

Ultimately though, it's not the excitement of the match that will get us out of Easter beds to watch, but rather the fact that for the first time since 1928, Manchester United are on the telly again, to play a game of football. The blogging might not be as exciting, but the watching never ceases to boil the blood.