At this rate, Manchester United will win the Away Days title. 33 games into the season and we have the best away record in the division dedpite lying in midtable. Such is the frustrating tale of United's season that you wonder what might have been if Old Trafford this season was less of a pressure cooker for us than it has proven to be. It's amazing that a team can get to point to it's home form as a reason for its poor position but such is the complex nature of United's season.

The popular line is that teams no longer fear to come to Old Trafford and yet we've managed to steamroll them at will in their own backyards. I mean
Liverpool had a harder time with us at Anfield than they did at Old Trafford. Such is the intriguing tale of United's season.

The victory away at Newcastle suddenly means we are the first team to record 10 away wins this term. For a team in 6th place, that is quite an illogical statistic. But again, that is exactly what this season had been.

Juan Mata playing with Shinji Kagawa has so far proved to be a joy to behold. It's sad that he can't play at the Alianz Arena, but it gets you thinking of what our midfield could be capable of next season with the right tactics. If we lose Kagawa, it will undoubtedly be a step back as you need more of ball playing midfielders in the contemporary game.

Finally for this review, one wonders if David Moyes has taken note of the performances in which he has let rip his attacking technicians. Crystal Palace, West Ham, Aston Villa now Newcastle United. The demolition jobs that have been apparent in those games perhaps tell of a story that you hope the boss at least considers heading into the summer.

Next up in Wednesday is perhaps our last Champions League game in a while. That said though, we've been here before vs Olympiakos and behold it wasn't the last one.
If David Moyes eliminates the World Champions from this position, in this of all seasons, a couple of Reds could lose their lives in Bavaria. One to alcohol poisoning, and the other to suicide having promised to take his life if United went through.

The challenge yours truly faces is to get through 20 beers alive if Unired are in the hat for Friday's semifinal draw. Such was the irrational bet I made.

Dare to dream Reds!