So it wasn't as bad as Olympiacos, but yet again the spirit wasn't there, neither was the drive nor the will to avert what was in many ways the accident waiting to happen.
It's never nice to lose to the old enemy, especially at home and maybe that's what hurt the most yesterday.

There's nothing about the in game action that hasn't been blogged about this season so it saves more column inches to address the elephant in the room. The popular line from the heirachy at Old Trafford is that David Moyes will not be sacked at least until after the next transfer window. However, given the nature of the fixture list in March, there could be a great deal of momentum that could cause fault lines in the board room.

After Liverpool, March still has Olympiacos, West Ham away and City at home. We've already lost the first of those, and overturning a two goal deficit against the Greek champions is going to be noble from this position. It very well means that 3 defeats in this period could cause sparks.

It will be impressive of the board to stay firm and weather the storm, but counting 9 league defeats already is very worrying at any rate. The problem with sinking so low is that 4th place next season becomes acceptable which is not supposed to be the case. The target is immediately restored to first place once the season closes.

There's a lot of our play that suggests the players have given up. Nobody takes the risks akin to the club anymore. It's increasingly becoming difficult to blog about lost causes. It would be eassier if the players showed cause and care but alas!

If they don't make a show of it on Wednesday, they might as well simulate the rest if the season and put a lot of souls out of their mysery.