It's been the exception rather the norm this season that we get to have a weekend during which United did the basic business of winning a league match. To be honest, even in this calamitous of seasons, we are still expected to win matches at venues like Selhurst park. It therefore goes without saying that nothing extraordinary was achieved last evening. That however did not stop yours truly from getting out of his seat when both goals went in. There's just something about Manchester United that he cannot control.

For the first time ever, the manager had his 4 amigos all out on the pitch at the same time. Januzaj, Mata, Rooney and RVP took to the pitch after relegating Young and Valencia to the bench. You would think that this would eliminate basic wing play from the side but it did not. Much of our attacks continued to be built from out wide with Smalling, Evra and Januzaj swinging balls into the area. We hardly attempted to go through the middle. Thankfully though, the amount of flair on the pitch made it less predictible as Mata and Rooney constantly swapped roles all over the attacking areas to give Palace a nightmare job of defending.

It was also notable how the midfield of Carrick and Fellaini held their own. Of course it was merely Palace but we've been overrun there by the likes of Cardiff City so it helps that they covered themselves in some glory yesterday. The  Belgian in particular could have scored at least a couple.  Hopefully those goal scoring instincs return soon enough.

The result moves us to 6th place for the time being but in all probability, Everton will win their game in hand to relegate us to 7th. The focus though shoul now be on Tuesday evening in Athens. There's every need for us to go there and get a great result.

Omwards and Upwards!