Forget the title of this post. Sometimes United puts on performances in both extremes that make it rather difficult to come up with headings for blog-posts.
Last night was such a performance as David Moyes and his team ripped apart the script and turned in a master class of a performance to record the club's biggest UEFA Champions League result away from home.
David Moyes was might have been predicted to match a couple of records that Sir Alex set in his time, but setting his own records was not quite on the agenda. Such is the low opinion certain reds have of him.

Admittedly, United have put on a stinker in the league so far, but it was in Europe that they were really expected to come short. In a somewhat bizarre twist of the script, United have looked as good as they've ever been in Europe so far, going five games unbeaten from a group that contains sides fully studied in the latest styles of European football. That the club remains unbeaten after 5 games in the competition is worth a toast.

Last night, having RVP, Carrick and Fellaini injured and suspended accordingly, allowed Moyes to check out Kagawa in the hole position behind Wayne Rooney and what he has learnt about he Japanese in those 90 minutes alone will go a long way in helping him determine the shape of the side in the latter stages of this competition.

Wayne Rooney is an early favourite for player of the year. It's amazing the impact David Moyes has had on him. I've blogged it before and I'll do it again; in spending 2 months of the transfer window trying to keep Rooney instead of improving the side, David Moyes perhaps secured United's most important business in the last transfer window. With the injuries that RVP has had to deal with this season, you shudder to think how much worse off we would be without Wayne this season. Crucially, it wasn't just about keeping Wayne that did it for Moyes, because we had him last season, but it was getting him back to his best, to the player we won't mind paying a million pounds a month. Long may that form continue.

Last night was really the first time I watched United this season without losing a finger nail. How one wishes we would maintain that level of professionalism and ruthlessness in front of goal. But ah well....

A point on match day 6 will win us the group so that should be Europe done and dusted for now. The business remains very much in the domestic league with Spurs this Sunday in London. Our record in the capital has been good enough to warrant us confidence ahead of the fixture but alas, if only we were sue which personality United will show up on the day. At times we've been disgusting this season and the next week in fantasia. At least we've still got a semblance of consistency in the fact that it's now 11 games since we last tasted defeat.