It's a shame that Manchester United cannot see out close games anymore. It's a shame that Wayne Rooney still has one or two issues with his temper. It's a shame that we cannot seem to win games by more than just the one goal more often. It's a shame that we are not as ruthless in front of goal as we used to be. It's a shame that none of our midfielders yesterday could really up their game to levels that be-fit a Manchester United player. It's a big shame that on a weekend when the teams in and around us were playing each other, all we could muster was a draw at Cardiff. It's a shame that we've not built on that win against Arsenal to crack up the pressure on our rivals.

Sunday was a huge disappointment, that's not to run away from. In the grand scheme of things, it's not all doom and gloom as the 7 point gap between us and the summit is by no means recoverable. However, there is a feeling that given how we've done so far, the projections in the league are that we shall end up with 70 odd points this season and that will not be enough to win the title in this season of all seasons. It's therefore frustrating that we've not really put on a run of wins that is very necessary for a title challenge. I'm all for unbeaten runs and all but draws can be just as damaging as defeats. If we add those four points lost in the last minute to Southampton and Cardiff, we're suddenly looking at being in the top 2 at this stage. As it stands, we're left to rue yet another couple of points that could have come in handy in the run-in. I know Cardiff have beaten City, but City have made up for those patch away performances by being in superhuman form at home. I mean, if they keep thrashing teams 4, 5 and 6 goals at home, including United and Spurs, then they might just buy themselves a ticket into the reckoning.

The result leaves us needing three points at White Harte Lane next Sunday to avoid dropping into a double digit deficit. It's a tall order given the kind of football we're currently playing but one that the lads have put themselves into after that result.

Before then, we have to sort out our Champions League group. Admittedly, the same demons that haunt is in the domestic league are bedeviling our European campaign as we've persistently failed to kill off our opponents in the last 3 Euro ties especially the latter 2. Better finishing in Germany on Wednesday is all that this United  fan can ask for.