For romantic reds and indeed those that appreciate the traditions of Manchester United, there is hardly a better moment than when an Academy graduate makes his first team bow. Seeing Adnan Januzaj in the starting line-up for the trip to Sunderland was a joy to behold in itself. That he turned on a match winning performance in what turned out to be a difficult afternoon was blissful. He's the toast of the club and indeed the media right now, and God knows his agent couldn't have asked for a better time to start those contract negotiations for this is one player that the club cannot afford to lose.

Ultimately though, Saturday was all about three points as we're quite short in that respect. Forget what the media have been saying recently, if we hadn't gotten the result on Saturday, we would have thrown ourselves into a real crisis of sorts. We really need a result to build on a run of wins to keep us in the mix at the top of the league. We're currently 6 points off the top and so considering our start, we're not that badly off, but that gap tends to be harder to make up as the season goes on. For instance, 6 points behind in October is not the same as 6 points behind in February. Point is, you don't want to be that many points behind when the finish line comes into view.

Back to the game; it's sad that we're yet to develop a solid base at the back and that defensive errors are costing us an average of a goal a game. Given the indifferent form of our strikers, it makes it that harder that we're giving away cheap goals and hence making our games that much harder for ourselves. The irony is that the manager is apparently known for his defensive methods and excellence in that part of the field, so you wonder why it's fast becoming our weak-link even when we have so much quality in the department.
The faster it gets sorted out, the better for all.

In the main, it would have been hell spending this International break mulling over another FAIL performance from the team. We can now thankfully look ahead to putting our home form right as we have 4 straight home games when we re-start. It's set up perfectly for us to go on a run of a few wins that could make October the month that really spring-boards our season.

Enjoy the break reds!