What a way! What a way for Manchester United and David Moyes to open their European campaign this year. The vultures had expectantly circled over Old Trafford all day anticipating a horror show from David Moyes in his first big night out in Europe. That the set out a class team that magnificently advertised Manchester United's traditions and qualities of counter-attacking football rightly justifies all the credit that he got on the night.

For the first time, we really got to see what our best team can do when out on duty. Marouanne Fellani and Michael Carrick make our midfield a force to be reckoned with. The manager takes full credit for that. Robin and Wayne know how to play off each other and switch positions to the detriment of the opposition while it adds to the difficulty for opponents that we also have a certain Shinji Kagawa on the inside left to deal with.
Make no mistake, Bayer Leverkusen are currently Germany's third strongest side so in an era of supposed German dominance of the Champions league, 4-2 was a remarkable result.

Wayne Rooney got his 200th goal for the club, but given the indifference that this blogger has towards Wayne, it is as far as I shall go on that topic. That is not take anything away from Wayne's achievement as it is no mean feat.

Just about everyone was on song last night so I really hope there is something to carry into the derby this weekend. David Moyes has quelled the flames in Europe for now, a result and performance on Sunday will quell the domestic ones.