At least we can go into the weekend games knowing that we are still Manchester United. Having suffered a heavy defeat at the weekend, I shudder to think what mental shape the team would have adopted ahead of the game at home to West Brom (who we should be glad played 2 hours of football last night).

Beating Liverpool at home, albeit in the League Cup, means that we can chin up again as they came at us with their best possible side whilst we gave a game to a few squad players. In truth, I could care less of how well we do in the League Cup but last night was one of those games where the result was more important than the competition. You really hope that the side could use that result as a spring board to pick the 35 winnable points available to us in the league over the next 2 and half months or so.

The biggest concern on the night for me was not how we afforded Liverpool all the space in the world that they needed in the middle but how well David Moyes knows the team. It appears that every other interview that he gives is accompanied by testament of how he is still getting to know the players. The question is has David Moyes ever watched United before? Surely even in his Everton days he would study a lot of our players when we are going to play them so as to find out a way to neutralise them. Is there really a top manager in world football who has no idea of the nature of play on Internationals such as Shinji Kagawa or Javier Hernandez? Even so, after 3 odd months in charge of the team, you'd think that he has an idea of how good they are or at least how they play. The point is, it is understandable not to know how to use Bebe or some random new signing, but it is a little lazy not to know the same about the former 2 players.
Point is, you don't have to be a Manchester United manager to know at least how to use players like Kagawa and Hernandez simply because such players are on TV every other weekend.

Anyhow, its West Brom next up in the league on Saturday at 3 o'clock. Fans should be pleased about the first 3 o'clock of the season at Old Trafford. The players and the manager have a job to do now. We've got to start moving up the table, and fast!