Manchester United return to league action this weekend at home to West Brom very desperate for all three points. The embarrassment at the Shittyhad last weekend has ensured that we've got off to one of the worst starts to the season in recent years. Thankfully for us, the deficit between us and our rivals is just three points. The target though is top, from which we fall short by five points. The much talked about fixture list becomes a little kinder for us between now and Christmas. Spurs, Arsenal and Everton are the only notables in there but you'd expect that we should beat them--I mean we have to beat a big side sometime in the season.

That run of fixtures means that our title hopes this season rest squarely on how well we do between now and Christmas. Our failure to beat the big sides mean that we can't afford to lose the silly points we did last season. Last season, we weren't really hurt by defeats at places like Norwich and Everton because we got the job done at places like Anfield the Etihad and Stamford Bridge.

The victory over Liverpool in the Cup in mid-week was much needed for confidence to our players going into the weekend fixture. West Brom played out 2 hours in the Cup in midweek so that should count for something. RVP will be expected to start, but you really hope that Moyes promotes Chicharito to at least an appearance on Saturday. Kagawa also merits an appearance after the performance on Wednesday as does Nani. It comes down to a game of rotation and we have a deep enough squad to cater for that.

We've got an away trip in the Champions League in midweek so you really hope that the manager makes maximum but effective use of his squad to get the result and put us in shape for another tough game in Europe.