The International break poses all sorts of dilemmas for club coaches, but perhaps the biggest fear shall be whether your players return fit on Wednesday morning.
With a host of players already retired, United can expect to have a very experienced set of players available for a must win second home game of the season.
Rio, Vida, Giggs, might start ahead of the rest because of the extra break they've had compared to the likes of Valencia and Chicharito that might not make it to Carrington till Friday.

It goes without saying that given our very tough fixture list at the start of the season, Crystal Palace at home was always going to be that game that we must win if only just to keep one or two convinced that we shall fight for this title this season. The permutations are quite simply that anything other than a United result will psychologically and perhaps effectively render us also runs in the EPL title fight this year.

The manager has one or two tactical headaches to work out and I hope that he has spent the break finding that solution. For starters, we cannot have Giggs starting every match when the likes of Kagawa cannot get a look in. The other issue will be how to play Welbeck and Rooney in the same line up. Further back, it will be interesting to see the role played by Fellaini on his home debut. It was never going to be difficult to win the midfield battle against Palace but arm chair viewers will be looking for that bit of difference and hopefully it will manifest.

It is a lunchtime kickoff on Saturday but we can't complain much as we need more time and preparation for the Champions League that starts next week. That particular bit of business will lead to the Manchester derby on Sunday so whichever way you look at it, it is a big week for David Moyes and perhaps another opportunity for him to restore some of the pride he lost at Anfield last time out.