The following conversation takes place between 8pm and 9pm on the way home from Old Trafford after the match between Manchester United and West Brom.

Craig: What did you make of that Dave?

David: To be honest I'm fast running out of words to define the mood after defeats this season. Normally such results are spread out in the season, so if I was gutted last week after the derby, does English have a word for what I'm feeling now? Doubt it. Do you?

Craig: Don't. Just checked out the result from Villa Park and City has lost as well. I suddenly now feel a lot worse. You'd like to think that these games coming up are a perfect chance for us to close the gap between us and the pace-setters, so to let these points slip is really rock-bottom. It's difficult to imagine that it could get any worse than this. But again, I thought the same at the Shittyhad last week and yet here we are.

David: Obviously the first instinct is to blame the manager and all. Poor ol'Dave will get a good lam-blasting this week, but I also kind of thought that there were not too many players fighting for the shirt yesterday.
West Brom's only attacking plan was to use the counter-attack and so you thought it was simple enough for our midfield and defence to work out a means to halt their outlets. The manner in which they were afforded the freedom of Old Trafford to get to our goalkeeper with ease was embarrassing. It leaves Moyes with a couple of tough calls to make coz Rio's pace got shown up today.

Craig: Yeah, it really needs a lot of sorting out. I mean you can argue that our failure to take chances in open play has cost us in the forward department as well. The numbers really make for gross reading. 7 points in 6 games is, by our standards, embarrassing. You only thank the heavens that our furthest rival is just the 4 points ahead of us, but its the top we have to aim for, and at the moment we're nearly 3 games off the top.

David: Bad weekend mate; Are we on for Shaktar

Craig: Sure,  at the usual. Can't really take another defeat so soon so I really hope the Bayer Leverkusen United turn up.

David: To think how our season would go if the Swansea United turned up for EPL games and the Bayer United turned up for European games....but oh well. Cheers mate.

Craig: Cheers Dave.

Make of that what you will, but that is as far as I shall go into the game's talking points. The other disappointing thing about the weekend was the manager offering his thoughts on whether the team could win the Champions League this season. Now we all know that Manchester United in their current state do not have a prayer against the other elite of Europe. However, such is the sensitivity of the boss' comments that he needn't have written off the team's European chances publicly. This from a manager who claimed all summer that he was happy with his squad. It really is a massive own-goal for Moyes. He needs to learn a thing or two about PR at a club the size of Manchester United.

He does still merit backing because he is the manager of Manchester United but I'd like that he sorts it all out sooner rather than later because its hard to know where we go from here as a club. This is new territory.