So here we are then, the new league season is well underway so we can stop imagining what life without Sir Alex will be like and actually watch it unfold.

A s far as Saturday's opener was concerned, the only fathomable results were a defeat for United, a draw or a narrow win. Therefore to win 1-4 at a venue we had only previously managed a goal a game was completely out of the script. It was though the much needed start that David Moyes needed as the pressure was slowly but surely building on him ahead of the big kick off. Like Arsen

al, the media were awaiting a negative result on opening day to justify their qualms about his failure in the transfer market so far. So whilst Arsene Wenger got a full blast from the press on Sunday, Moyes has bought himself a week off the back page.

The great thing about the win was that both our fit and available strikers played blinders and helped themselves to a brace each. Nothing beats a striker heading into the season with confidence from goals. Danny Welbeck in particular needs to hit the 15 goal mark this season if he is to progress as a United striker so it was nice seeing him equal last season\s tally in one game.

Robin van Persie continues to justify why Manchester United are not wrong in selecting him ahead of Wayne Rooney. The Dutchman is quality and for all of Wayne's talents, he is not quite at the level of Robin at the moment. He will do well to realise that take his place alongside the Dutchman rather than attempt to usurp him. He did make 2 goals when he came on and his body language was of a player that no longer thought himself lucky to wear the Manchester United shirt. There's lots of kids in the academy that will be boiling  at the thought that their potential place in the team is being occupied by a lad who doesn't want to play for the club. It's happened all too many times before to star players at United and Wayne will do well to realise that he is only being ill advised by his agent.

Enough of the Wayne sulk, what a professional performance by United it was to take us top of the league on the opening day of the season. I certainly cannot remember the last time we led the league after the first round of matches. Chelsea at home next week will be a much tougher test but if Moyes goes about the job in the same professional manner as he did the other day, the bookmakers could be in for yet another surprise.