Every team has a bogey opponent. You know, that side that always seems to get the better of you every time you meet. Manchester United's bogey side is Chelsea. The Rent Boys are the only side in the division against whom we have an inferior head to head record. They've beaten us on off days, on 'on' days almost seemingly at will. That particular fixture therefore became that much harder for us when the Mourinho rejoined them.

The 'annoysome' Portuguese has already stocked the fires ahead of his first real test this season by claiming that United were champions because the rest of the league was poor. It might help him to remember that his title winning sides of 2005 and 2006 came up against a United team that featured Liam Miller, Keiran Richardson, Alan Smith, Eric Djemba Djemba and the like. If that isn't part of the explanation as to why they won their titles so easily then I don't know what is. However that is not to take away the fact that his Chelsea team were a brilliant machine.

On Monday, David Moyes faces his first big test as United manager. There is not a bookmaker alive that thinks United will beat Chelsea next week, let alone win the league and yet the expectation of the fans will be to win. After buying himself time with that opening weekend win at Swansea, Moyes will endure a  torrid week next week if Chelsea end Monday night 6 points clear of United.
The boss has not helped himself by leaving the transfer business till late so at the moment he's got to use what Fergie left him with to negotiate the toughest start to the season we've ever had.

More still, its the first Old Trafford game of the season, he'll need to win that to win over more fans to his side. With Liverpool away coming up, its imperative that we go for the kill on Monday. At the moment, every team fancies themselves against us. The only answer Moyes can give his critics is a performance or result against the overwhelming favourites for the title. Over to you Moyesie!