So new manager David Moyes and his new Manchester United team made the long journey to the Far East for this summer's tour. It was a timely opportunity for the manager to get to know his players and for the players to know a bit of something about our new manager.

Five games later, the report card reads that we've won two games, lost two and managed a draw as well. On the surface that doesn't bode well for the new season, but its not wise getting your panties in a twist over pre-season games. Perhaps though, what will concern the most is that United are yet to address their midfield issues and it was telling how especially the Japanese sides tore into us in the fixtures without Michael Carrick.

Thankfully for reds fans, the new manager seems to acknowledge the problem and that is first step to the solution as Sir Alex never really seemed bothered by our limited midfield. At the moment, it seems like Marounane Fellaini is the player who will fill that hole. Also, it did speak volumes about the intention of the manager of promoting youth by enabling youngsters Wilfred Zaha, Adnan Janujaz, and Jesse Lingaard to impress on tour. I really hope that those three can be part of the side next season as I see no reason as to why they should be at U-21 level. I mean if you're good enough, you're old enough. At the moment we're not so much stocked with midfield quality that you'd ask them to step aside for a while. They are easily as good as the current crop of midfielders we have and so we ought to take advantage of that before our steller Academy graduates become subject to the hawk-eyed European clubs.

Perhaps a more damning discovery about United on tour was the frankness with which Moyes has gone into his media briefs. As United fans we're used to the less revealing nature of Sir Alex and as such you never get to know when a bid has been made for a player until its accepted or something along that line. Moyes publicly guided the world media with a step by step update on his desire to acquire Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. Whereas its a breath of fresh air for the fans and media as regards the truth or otherwise about everything Manchester United, it remains to be seen whether his frankness will work to his advantage as opposed to keeping his cards close to his chest. So far, the media has already used that frankness to criticise his transfer policy (despite having none whatsoever). He is already labelled by some a failure in the market because a couple of bids for one player have been rejected.

Thankfully though, the new boss seems mentally prepared for all the lam blasting that comes with managing United. Speaking ahead of United's return to England, he said he's aware that a victory will make him the toast of Manchester while one defeat, any defeat, will make him look like rubbish. Quite frankly he couldn't have said it more accurately. Beating Wigan in the Community Shield will win him just 7 days of breathing space before fans demand a victory at Swansea.

He can still make it easy for himself by adding a couple of strategic signings to the side as we're yet to improve on our title winning side of last season.