The reason this blog is largely silent during the off season is simply because I take no pleasure in the whole rumour mill and prefer to wait for substance or better still done deals.

It is custom that every summer, United will be linked to a big name player, not usually because they need that player but because they are one of those clubs who will help you sell papers if you throw names at them.
This summer has seen the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Thiago Alacantra, Kevin Strootman, Ezequiel Garay, and the big one Christiano Ronaldo all linked with possible moves to the club. The irony is that so far the one player definitely joining is one the media hardly had a sniff about, a one Valera. (sp).

The bad news is that obviously we're not going to get all the above named players, the good news is that its great that most of them are geared towards addressing the gap in our midfield that we've moaned about since Darren Fletcher became incapacitated to turn out for us every week.
Best case scenario would be getting Strootman, Thiago and Ronaldo in, but if comes down to the bare bones, Strootman would be the must get...and for obvious reasons as well.

The thing about this summer's window is that its up to Moyes really to make the season as easy for himself as he can. Whereas we're all aware that Sir Alex can turn an average squad into Champions, it remains to be seen if Moyes can use the same resources to defend our title. If by some miracle Ronaldo gets to wear the red again, in that one move, we shall have assured ourselves of a transfer window victory over City again....and last season tells you how crucial that can be. They've already got in a couple of big names, not to mention a top manager so technically they are ahead in that respect until we respond in kind.

My hopes for next season await the end of the summer window. The game has reached the point where you can tell what kind of season you'll be up for when the summer business is done. Until them I'll watch on with as much faith as anyone that we can improve our side to challenge Europe next year.