Okay, the ref got it wrong in the Real Madrid game, but that doesn't excuse the kind of football and results that Manchester United have served since the 56th minute of that tie.

The manager said that we performed well yesterday, but I beg to differ. What we had on the night was passion and zeal which is okay and expected given the occasion, but when it comes to evaluating the type of football that we played, then I'm sorry, we'd still be beat by Athletic Club Bilbao if we turned out such a performance. There is a continued lack of possession and control of games and an absence of a link between   the midfield and attack. That is all down to having a midfield that can easily be bossed by most sides.
The other issue is a continued reliance on the wings for service to the attackers. Whatever happened to playing through the middle and varying the play just to give us that other option.

It therefore begs the question as to why Sir Alex continues to bench Shinji Kagawa and yet he is the one player in our team that is comfortable with playing through the middle and hence supporting the striker ahead of him.

Anyhow, as it stands, we remain on course to win that 20th title. City last night simply showed how good they can be on their day and its a level that we shall have to match next season if we are to hopefully be in the position as defending champions.
It's a 7 game limp to the finish line, but you wouldn't bet against United to make it an entertaining finish for the neutrals.