It's such as shame that the biggest game of the season came down to a referee decision. According to the letter of the law, Nani deserved the red card that he got, but football is not only judged pragmatically. The spirit of all law is intent and absence of which should be enough to overturn a decision. It's why not all handballs are given in the penalty box as some lack that vital element of intent. That Nani had his eyes on the ball all throughout that challenge should have merited at best a yellow card.

Sadly though, the man who is now more popular that he' ever been produced red and from that point it was virtually game-over. It's hard enough playing Real Madrid with 11 men. That said, I found it perplexing that we did not hold on to our own when we lost Nani. We're not the first team to go down 10 men against strong opposition, I mean Chelsea were down to ten men last season from the 41st minute at the Camp Nou and yet they came away with a result.

Ultimately though, it has to be said though that United did themselves proud on the night. The one thing that every fan left the stadium with on the night was that we can more than match Real Madrid. The Spanish giants only took the lead in the aggregate tie when we were down to 10 men. There is not a prayer they'd have had if we had remained 11 to the end. Fergie got his tactics spot on (I'm not getting into the Wayne Rooney debate) and has put Mourinho in his place as far as that was concerned.
The players were obviously distraught after the whole incident but that's football, and sometimes, as the manger always says, it can kick you in the teeth.

The only thing we can do now is move on. Our season is by no means tainted by that defeat. It's quite an improvement from last season when we failed to beat the likes of FC Basel to get out of the group. Next year, we can give it another real go when by then we shall hopefully be English Champions again.