The 12 point lead at the start of the weekend became a 15 point lead by Saturday evening. If there were any doubts remaining, they are well and truly put to bed as Manchester United now have a clear run at the title. I know we've got the last batch of our tricky ties coming up but 4 wins out of 9 is not a big ask from a side that has only failed to win 5 times the whole domestic season.

The Reading game was by no means one that we shall remember fondly in years to come but that we got three points is testament to the winning machine that is this current United side. We've notched up already a record points total at various points of the season which future better United sides will struggle to match. What the players can pat themselves on the back for is that they've not only won back our trophy from City but they've also embarrassed them with the points difference.

The only challenge left for this season is winning the FA Cup to cap a memorable season. Many a United sides have, since 2004 failed too win English Football's Premier Cup Competition. As such, and indeed given the failure to make it into the latter stages of the Champions League, this side can write their names in United's folklore history by winning yet another League and Cup double under Sir Alex's reign. Admittedly, I started the season without much care for the Cup as at the time we still had League business and European business still unsorted. As it stands now, we have this fully fit squad an an anti-climatic end to the season with the League likely to be wrapped up with at least a trio of games to spare. It means that if we can negotiate past Chelsea in the sixth round, we have the chance of at least one Wembley date in April and the chance of another in May.

At the moment, we're in the International break but the league schedule has us at Sunderland right after that and then at Chelsea. If we can take the Blues much more seriously than we did at OT, then we can make this season about more than that much coveted 20th league title.


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