At the start of the season, not even the most optimistic United fan dreamed of a 7 point lead at the top of the league going into FA Cup weekend. That we have managed to achieve it is testament to how brilliant United have been so far.

Yes, we've not played the best football in the league in terms of quality, but the boys have really had a go at teams this year---so much so that we seem to have forgotten about defensive duties at the back. During the treble season of 1999, we had managed 36 goals after 21 games in the league. Our 21st league game this season was the 4-0 thrashing of Wigan, and that took our goals tally to 54 so far. That is how much of a go we've had this year.

Whereas it has been the policy of Sir Alex to be negative and conservative in big clashes, the manager has had a go at Anfield, Stamford Bridge and at the Eitihad and look what we've achieved. That we last registered victories at all those venues in a season 99 years ago is testament to the magnitude of success we've had so far in the league.

The manager however will remind the players that no medals are handed out in January so the job is not yet done. City are out of Europe so we're going to need to keep them at arm's length for as long as possible. There is a good chance that if we keep professional and avoid dropping points like the ones we lost at Swansea, we could have a double digit lead at the top before Real Madrid distract us. What I'd like to see is the players kicking on and not getting complacent as it will encourage our rivals.

The FA Cup is up next and I'd like to see us use the squad a lot more to allow those who have carried us brilliantly during the Christmas programme get a much needed break. The lack of a winter-break does affect our players compared to other leagues, so you'd want our best players fit and fresh for the Champions League as our opponents are enjoying a break.

All that notwithstanding, given what I've seen from us so far, I am not complaining.....at least not that much anyway.