My feelings towards the world's oldest Cup competition are well known as I have already ranted enough about them on this blog, but just in case you need a heads up---I don't care much about it!

Moving on, we've managed to get into the fourth round after trying so hard to make it as difficult for ourselves as possible. A home tie against Fulham is the reward for us----another EPL team that we could have done without in the FA Cup. Honestly, i don't see much 'romance' about the competition if it means we're going to keep playing EPL sides in the competition. I mean, what happened to meeting a third division side in the Cup? I certainly love the pressure of not wanting to lose to a lower division side, I mean is it still 'romantic' if West Ham or Fulham eject us?

The most important thing about the game for me was the fact that we had a trio players coming back from injury that needed a game. Perhaps it was their rustiness, but I didn't see much of Nani, Rooney and Anderson to suggest that we need to make serious changes to the side that beat Liverpool for the game on Sunday.
That Wayne missed a penalty adds voices to the debate of whether he should remain our penalty taker. Obviously even the best players in the world miss penalties but not at the record that Wayne has at the moment. A penalty is an almost certain goal, so given that we've missed five out of 9 so far, you do wonder whether the strikers should practice a little more.

At the end of the day though, a lot of our players want to win the Cup so its good that we're still in. We've got another crucial league fixture at the weekend as our 7 point lead at the top will be under threat kickoff on Sunday evening. Hopefully we'll be up for it to face one of three teams that have beaten us in the league---an the only side to do it at OT!

Till then, cheers!