It is hoped that the players have returned from Qatar in good shape and focus to tackle the tripple header of challenges that awaits them over the next 10 days.

Now that I've got that out of the way; let me just say once again, and for good measure, that I will not be kicking myself if we get knocked out of the Cup tomorrow. God knows that if any fan was offered a win tomorrow or three points in the EPL midweek, they would without a doubt pick the latter.
Our lead at the summit of the league is down to five points so its imperative that we do not drop any more points before City do. We cannot afford to let them get very close to us as we have European engagements later on in the season.

About tomorrow though, you'd think that we should be able to get the home win without using our very best players. A home Cup tie is the least one can ask for and the fact that we've got that should hold us in good stead ahead of the game tomorrow.
The game will no doubt be teed up by the return of Dimitar Berbatov to OT following his move to Fulham. If the Cottagers keep calm and pass the ball to him, there is not a doubt that he could be responsible for that piece of magic that leads to them scoring.
All will be well though is it meas that for every goal they score, we score three!

In other news, the club has agreed a deal for Crystal Palace winger Wilfred Zaha. The stage is set for our wingers to prove their worth before the season is out. May the Best Man Win!