Right from the start of the season, people have been going on about how Manchester United are yet to play their best football this season. If I remember quite well, the same was said about United THROUGHOUT last season till the final game of the season. You then wonder if United have out their best football away in the drawer and chosen to turn up for a couple of seasons below par.

I personally don't buy into it. I think United are currently playing to their abilities (as shocking as they are). For starters, many will tell you that great teams are built around a great back four and consistent goalkeeper. At United we don't have that. It is therefore not rocket science that United are letting in as many goals as they are at the moment. It doesn't matter how many times Fergie, Ferdinand, or Evans talks to the press about it; if we do not come to terms with a first choice back five that is only tweaked in the event of injuries, then we're as good as merely five players standing in front of our goal.

The part you have to credit United for though is the attack. I mean, even our defenders (Evra, Rafael and Evans) have found it meaningless to sit at the back and attempt the 'impossible' job of defending. They've thrown themselves in the box and at the ball more often than they've been doing cue the flood of goals that have enabled us top of the league.
Technically we can still be undone by goal-difference since we still win games by the odd goal but you'd think that we'll be safe if we score more than we can concede.

We take on West Brom in the league at home tomorrow in what should be another must win game, if only for the fact that its a home game. With a tricky fixture coming up this Tuesday away to Wigan, we should put ourselves in the best possible position to head into that without any pressure.
The 7 point gap we hold at the moment shouldn't blind the players of how quickly things can change in this league and so one hopes they go about their job less of complacency.

As far as players go, I'd like to see Kagawa back in the team now as its really been long and I feel we need to put his talents to best use early enough before we get into Europe again. I feel he's suited to the European game more than any other player we have and can therefore work best behind RVP as the perfect foil.

In the meantime, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

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