So one thing that is for certain is that Manchester United cannot defend.

If Spain have invented the 4-6-0, then I think its only fair to say that United are close to patenting the 0-2-8. I mean what other explanation can you fathom for a team that just can't stop conceding and scoring in equal measure?

Displays like the one we saw at the MAD-jeski the other night beg a few questions. What sort of defensive training does United do at the training ground? How about they spend a week with Ashley Young whipping in crosses in the box and asking defenders to deal with it with pressure from RVP and Wayne or CH14? Wouldn't that make us better? Can they not figure out a way of defending corners without having to stand in front of the goalkeeper, effectively taking him out of the game?

The damning part is that the manager and indeed the players themselves have since post match Fulham at home, been banging on about how we need to sort out our defence, how we must avoid letting teams have a goals start, etc, but nothing has changed since. The same lines were uttered to the press after the Reading game but this time the boss cared to add that he'd play himself against City (God knows how many we would ship in if he stays true to his joke).

It all makes for fascinating build up to the Manchester Derby next Sunday. Journalists, fans and indeed neutrals cannot wait to see how a very poor defence and a very potent attack fare against City's organised defence but out of sorts attack.

At the end of the day, a three point cushion at the top is just about as much as we could hope for going into this fixture. It offers gigantic rewards in the event of a win but also offers a consolation in the event of a defeat. United and City have kept in close proximity of each other right from last season but at this rate of defensive errors on our part, we could do with a 6 point cushion to allow us breathe a little easier.

Before then though is a small matter of CFR Cluj in the Champions League. Nobody cares about the result at all but I do hope that we don't lose simply because we're home....and it sucks to lose at home.

Till then Cheers!