You score two, we score three.

Week after week, I've ranted about the need for our defence to show that they are actually paid but it seems the new found philosophy about Manchester United is that we shall out-score our opponents. One hopes that we can concede the customary two goals early enough for us to have plenty of time to come from behind to win again.
I mean, we could just score two quick own goals and get over with it and then start the comeback.

The manager is intent on starting Chicharito tonight but I do wonder whether the Mexican is better off the bench rather than from the start. His ratio from off the bench is certainly better than when he starts, but to be fair to him, he deserves the start today. What he should work on is now doing what he does best---notch those goals in so frequently that the boss will see no reason but to play him alongside Wayne and RVP. It's a position that Welbeck has lost recently because of his poor finishing so anything but could see Chicharito back to Number 4 in the pecking order. His game play has gone up a notch or two so that's a plus but at Carrow Road, it will be all about taking the chances that come to him. Hopefully he performs better than he did last time at that ground.

In all probability, we'll be second on the table when we kick-off, so the pressure will have already set the game up nicely. It's why today we cannot afford to give our hosts a headstart as they could pull off a performance out of the hat akin to what Arsenal and Stoke and Spurs have experienced there. Norwich have had one of the best defences in the league for the past five games on which they've been on an unbeaten run.
It is hoped that the players will not take the occasion as lightly as they did at Villa.