First things first: Manchester United eventually got the job done against QPR with three points that in the end saw them return to the summit of the league table.

Other than the above; there is quite nothing else of awe to write home about United. Time and time again this season we have not been easy on the eye to watch and have looked like the proverbial accident waiting to happen. It all starts from the line-up sent out by the manager; Twitter then gets awash with worrying tales and shortcomings about the latest midfield combination that the boss picks (this time it was Scholes and Fletcher). Then the kick-off and suddenly the aura of an 'easy win' fills the air. Then the expectancy weighs down on the players as the clock ticks on, then the opposition realise that they've been up against the country's most successful side for over half an hour and haven't yet broken sweat. So they come at us, and the result is, more often than not, a goal for our opponents. Then United realise what the headlines will be the following day and finally start playing. If we get back into the game quick enough with time to spare, we quickly return to hibernation, till the final whistle. If the opposition is decently organised at the back and managed to keep us out, we end the game with the excuse of 'one of those days'.

There is a certain non-truth about our position in the league standings. It remains to be seen at what point the players and manager will realise it but it does exist. We're not yet at the level where we can comfortably say we're going to win the league and yet the standings might tell you so. If it finished as close as it is at the moment, other vital aspects such as goal difference are also not in our favour. It all points to the very likelihood that last season's lessons have not been learnt. At the moment, it is not inconceivable that we can go to Wigan and lose 1-0 (as happened last season, evidence of which is the unexpected Norwich defeat) or that we can go 4-2 up against as mid table side and still draw 4-4 (as happened against Everton last season, evidence of which is our current generosity at the back).

It's all the above stuff that makes me hesitate to celebrate some of the goals we've scored this season in our comeback wins. There is a dark cloud hovering above my head that speaks of a dark day on which we shall be made to pay for taking this season as a joke as we have showcased so far. Something has to be done, fast, to offset the 'tidings' that that cloud will come with. I really hope for some sort of minor miracle here, because God knows I cannot stomach another end to the season as did happen last season when we were as close to the title as we could possibly get but didn't win it because we took a tad too many games lightly.

West Ham visit on Wednesday, and hopefully we can still do the minimum of getting three points. The derby draws ever so nearer and because of our failure to pull away, it could decide who leads the table right into the run-in. We therefore need to keep ahead for as long as we're there, we're going to win it----with or without the problems we have at the moment.

So here's to another three points on Wednesday!