Manchester United are truly a special team. I cannot really point to another team in Europe that can get about their job and pinch wins with a porous midfield and defence. It's getting to absurd levels now that it is customary for us to start a goal or two down in every game we play, so much so that one of my mates, at the start of the game, thought that we should just put the ball in our net from the start so that we get that part out of the way and start playing from the off. My mates worry was that Braga might take long to score and hence limit our time available to launch yet another comeback.

Thankfully for him he only had to wait a minute and a half before we were down, but this time, United thought they'd make the comeback extra special by going 2 goals down--cue the attackers we have at our disposal. This time, it was Javier Hernandez that claimed the headlines ahead of RVP and Wayne but it has to be said, his only role last night was to put the ball in the back of the net. That's essentially because the Dutchstar and the Wayne were all about doing the creativity for him.

In the end, its still worth a toast that we've won all three group games and are now on the brink on qualification to the next stage.

Next up is a small matter of going to Stamford Bridge this Sunday. But seriously, in training, the coaching staff owe it to the fans to devise a method of defending or at least making us less porous in the middle. We cannot hope to outscore Chelsea on Sunday and we could be looking at a humiliation if we don't tighten up.
Something's got to be done...and fast!