This is a bit late but anyways...

If there's one fixture that I was dreading in these last few weeks, it would be this one and rightly so. I mean suddenly, we had forgotten how to defend and had got into the habit of giving teams a head start of a one goal lead minutes into the game.
We did manage to recover against Fulham, Southampton and Cluj but you can't get yourself out of that mess if you're up against top quality as we found out against Spurs. Newcastle United fall into that category of teams against whom you can't afford to defend the way we've been defending.

I was therefore thankful to see us grab a threshold of the game and go 2-0 up within the first quarter of an hour. We were 7 points behind the leaders going into this game, so the faster we found a way to get all three points, the easier our afternoon was going to get.

Just about all our players were up for it but a lot of that credit should be down to the new diamond system that Sir Alex employed. It hurried our opponents so much so that it dis coordinated their moves.
Special mention to Wayne Rooney who has once again taken the hit for the team by moving deeper to ensure that we maintained a dictatorship over the play.

The result is so huge for Manchester United. It's important to retain a less than 5 points gap between you and the leaders if you are to keep tabs on them to stand a chance at the title. It's unfortunate that the International break has come at a time when many fans thought we could build on this win for another run.

Tough games are coming up after the break, but perhaps for the sake of ironing out complacency, you do feel they are the type we need.
Hopefully last weekend was the start of something special.

Oh and Tom Cleverley meant it!