At the moment, it;s fair to say that we're winning games in spite of our lacklustre defending. The manager was right to point out that its the forwards that are digging us out of a hole at the moment. I mean where would we be without the attacking talents we've got?
Wayne Rooney was also right to point out that if we do not find a way of shutting up shop, of avoiding conceding first in just about every other game, then better teams will punish us.
The striker's comment is supposed to be a warning about an event that could happen but hasn't yet happened and yet if memory serves us right, we've already been punished for it.
Spurs did just that a few weeks ago at OT and claimed all three points in a fixture even the worst possible United sides have won.
So then how many more warning do we need before we can put our house in order?

It appears that at the moment, the diamond formation, employed at Newcastle is perhaps the only way we can dominate a game. It is therefore in order that the manager perfects it while we still can before top European opposition  does another 'Barcelona' on us.

On the lighter side of things, it was good to see yet another opponent fail to contain the dynamic trio of Welbeck, Rooney and RVP. Admittedly, we could have scored more goals and we shall when Welbeck improves on his only weakness--finishing. But nonetheless, if the manager keeps the trio in the side, we shall give most teams a hell of a time.

Next up in the league is Chelsea away. The pacesetters have an army of creative players that can and will punish us if we put up similar lacklustre defensive displays so hopefully the manager and players will get things right for then.

Before all that is the Champions League clash with what should be our toughest opposition of the group in SC Braga. The former Portuguese champs have not had it all their way at home lately but you just have to take a look at other groups to know that in this era, when you take off your eye off the ball, any opposition can make you pay heavily for it. A win therefore is in good order tomorrow. It would be nice to qualify early such that we don't have any real urgency going into December to make it out of the group.