A thousand apologies loyal readers and followers of this blog for my two month sabbatical from all concerning blogging. In my defence, it was all forced on me. It broke my heart that at the start of a potentially memorable season, I wasn't able to chip in with a few thoughts on the pehenomenon that is Manchester United.
As you can imagine therefore, my mind is this close to imploding with all opinions of the Everton, Fulham, Sunderland and Wigan games. But I trust that the plethora of blogs on the Internet these days has done justice to those games. I shall therefore blog about what Sky have been dubbing 'Super Sunday' all through the week.

Nine points from four games is not the worst opening start to a season that we've had...in fact I'd argue that despite dropping all three points at Everton.

Minus all the handshaking and colour references, the Liverpool game this weekend is and has always been a big game. There's no game that leaves a bitter taste to my mouth after defeat that is more sour than after a defeat to Liverpool. It's therefore not been a good half a decade of visiting Merseyside. The last time we racked up all three points from the Dippers on their own patch, Carlos Tevez was in our ranks---and in fact, he got the winner that Sunday afternoon.
Since then we've lost all but the tie there last season.

In all probability therefore, Sunday will be a highly charged and emotional event. The mood will shift swiftly from the mournful pre-match Hillsborough respects to the eternal hatred and animosity between the two clubs.
Its arguable that this will be the strongest team we have available for this trip in 4 years so a win is not beyond us. I'd like to see the manager try and go out with a team to win rather than one not to lose. Recently, we've not done ourselves justice in big fixtures because Fergie went out with teams tuned not to lose and that is just not our philosophy of play. Let's have a full bloody go at them so that if we lose, we'll know we gave them a game of football.

We've got a rather grilling fixture list from here till the end of October so he's to some good run of form that could shape our season.