Manchester United recovered from their mid-week blip at Wigan to record a 4-0 win over Aston Villa at Old Trafford.

I know a lot of the fans will be not be happy with the apparent diving antics of Ashley Young, but I thought he was actually caught yesterday. Yes, he did make the most of it, but there was contact and the ref just about got that decision right. If the need for video technology in football has not been heightened by recent events at OT, then what transpired a few minutes later at Wembley surely made a good case for it. United were on the end of poor decisions at Wigan on Wednesday, the most crucial being that the goal was scored from a corner that should not have been awarded, so I wasn't in the mood of turning down any good luck yesterday. The truth of the matter is that the refs, without technology are incompetent and the sooner FIFA does something about it, the better. That said, I find it amazing that the same lot that argue that technology would slow down the game are the same lot that mourn or 30 days when such decisions are made by the 'well-intentioned' men in the middle. It's such arguments that make me toast to decisions in our favour----the conspiracy theorists can say what they like but the medals are handed out without blemish.

More important than the official was the fact that we managed to restore our five point advantage at the top of the league after City had cut it to two. Scoring 4 also helped to halve the goal difference gap that was threatening to become a chasm. I thought the team did just about well enough, at least better than Wednesday, but Wayne was rightly disappointed with his performance. I know he got a brace and all but he gave away way too many balls and was frustrating in attack. Its a good habit though, to score whilst having a bad game.

Next up is Everton at home on Sunday luch-time---the final game before the derby! We need to get to Wastelands with as big a lead as we have now---possibly only then can we play without nerves as the pressure will be on them to get goals against us. Till then, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!