A week ago, Sir Alex stated that we would have a massive shot at the title if we survived the fixture at White Harte Lane. I reckon that a 1-3 victory fits within the definition of 'survive'.

Goodness me; what an important result that was yesterday. To be honest we didn't have the best of displays but I thought the smash and grab approach that we used was quite simply the only way we would have left the Lane with all three points. Spurs are a side that work with the tempo and atmosphere of the crowd, therefore our measured approach and refusal to get caught into the you attack-I'll attack approach took the stuffing out of them and ensured that we frustrated them to submission.

That was a professional performance from Manchester United and I thought that with a little bit more of concentration, we would have come away with a clean sheet. I cannot possibly imagine the disappointment that we've put City through these past 2 games---we've not played well enough and yet we've picked up all the points. I mean what could they have been thinking at half-time watching United be dominated throughout and yet get the opener at the cusp of half-time. To borrow famous few words ''With the greatest respect, who cares?''

The gap between us and City is back to 2 points incredibly despite having played Stoke, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Norwich, and Spurs. With 11 games to go, you have to fancy United for it especially given that City now have it all to do with 6 of their games coming against sides from the top 6 of the table and with United's coming from sides in the bottom half of the table. If we go on the kind of run that we went on just before and after Christmas when we put mid-table sides to the sword, I doubt we'll still be behind City when the April 30th heavy weight encounter turns up.

The irony with football however is that you can do as well as you've done against the top teams with all the pressure on you, and yet you slip up against relegation fodder. The one thing that United fans will not expect from their side is complanceny. We're out of the Champions League and FA Cup and quite frankly have reached a stage where we have the league within our sights---a chance to claim that 20th title and suddenly make what could still be a trophless season a memorable one---for the mere fact that we're on course for a record points total that would see us stop our noisy neighbours from sitting on our throne in the country.

After 27 games, we've already got more points that we did than with the sides that won the Champions League in 1999 and 2008. It has been a massive effort by our injury ravaged squad this season in the league, so  I hope that the players do themselves justice and win yet another title for club.

We've got the last 8 first leg of the Europa League on Thursday. Athletic Bilbao are no pushovers butt I'd like to see the manager give game time to those that did not take part in the action yesterday. The reality is that we can still put out a strong side without Scholes, Giggs and Carrick or even Ferdinand. We do have plenty in reserve. I'd like to see us treat the league with all due respect. The Europa League, like the Champions League, is a bonus to the league. It makes no sense to claim a European title when you can't claim to be the best in your own country.