I didn't think that I'd be writing this headline on Monday morning.
For all our problems in midfield this season, for all our troubles in Europe, for all the injuries we've suffered and continue to suffer this season, Manchester United, with 10 games to go, are top of the league.

Now forgive the optimism by me or any other United fan but it is close to unthinkable that as the finish line draws near, a team under Sir Alex will relinquish its grip on the title. The more damning reality is that since the start of the season, we've never been in a stronger position to win the league than we find ourselves today.
Whilst City have tough games including trips to Norwich, Stoke, Arsenal and the visit of Chelsea coming up, we play 4 of the bottom five in that period. If United are half as ruthless as they usually are at this stage of the season, it is very much possible that the trip to Eastlands on April 30th will be nothing more than an academic fixture or at least not as decisive as the media will have you believe.

As far as the game is concerned, we played better than we did on Thursday but again, West Brom don't quite pass it like Bilbao. Then again, I thought that Welbeck and Hernandez were a bit wasteful in finishing. We've got a game in which we need goals coming up next, so I thought that it would have been great if our forwards had put away the chances that they had. The goal difference that City have on us could yet turn out to be crucial so to see us blow as many opportunities to add to the 2 goals as we did was sickening.
I thought De Gea was once again in top form in the goal and it appears as though Anders Lindegaard is once again resigned to back-up keeper.

I was watching the game whilst keeping an eye on another screen to my right that showed the City game so you can imagine my delight at seeing Sian Massey flag Richards' would-be equaliser. That goal would have insulated City with belief and confidence heading into the final third proper of the season and you could see the same belief fade from the faces of City players after the final whistle. Their worst fears have just been confirmed and it is no longer media hype and illusion that they're in uncharted territory. Who knows what seeing United top of the league at this stage of the season, for the next 7 days at least will do to their resolve? What's for certain though is that they'll know for sure more than ever before that the Champions mean business!