I won't buy into all the talk about how Evra should not have done what he did at the final whistle on Saturday because I doubt anyone would have put up with the hell he's been through these past few months.
Firstly, to be racially abused, then condemned for reporting it, then being branded a liar, then being booed for being racially abused----and you still want the fellow to walk off his moral victory parade like nothing ever happened?

Since Saturday, Liverpool and that donkey have apologised for their behaviour so its not quite worth going into the whole fiasco all over again but the Dippers will be well aware of the damage that has been done to their brand.

Enough of them; Unite were brilliant again on the day. We've played Arsenal, Liverpool (twice), City and Chelsea over the past month or so and I can't recall us having a terrible outing----the kinds that saw us lamenting our midfield showings.

It's safe to say that the manager struck gold by convincing Paul Scholes to give us another few months. I mean, who would have thought that we'd have Tom Cleverely fit but fail to accommodate him in the middle?

Wayne Rooney seems to have hit another purple patch as he's made it 4 goals in a week. Let's hope this one lasts all the way through May. David De Gea yet again pulled off a points winning save by denying Johnson what looked like would be the equaliser. He's managed to silence one or two critics for now. Hopefully he regains much of his confidence now.

So after being written off heading into the sticky run of games we've been involved in, we've managed to come away with all of 7 points out of 9. If we can maintain that level of performance even in the so called easier games, we will ensure that City will have sleepless nights in the run in.
 For now though, a first taste of Europa League football.