I've blogged this before and I'll blog it again; Manchester United, in Paul Lambert's very own words, have scored drammatic late winners over and over again throughout the years but you never get used to it.

When Ryan Higgs guided that Ashley Young cross into the Norwich net, it felt as relieving and sensational as any late goal you would care to name. The thing with these late winners is not so much about the three points as it is the character that the young players get from this and the belief in the entire squad that they can go on and win the league. With just 12 games left, this was as vital a win as have been the ones against Arsenal and Liverpool.

That said, I thought we shouldn't have found ourselves in that position in the first place. Yes, we were away and yes Norwich did play well, but I thought we were a tad casual with the opportunities that came our way. You get the feeling that Welbeck could have done better with his chip that was cleared 'miles' off the line, then there was that free header that a striker of his abilities could put away with his eyes closed. The plus about him was something that Hernadez doesn't do quite well---his build up play. With Welbeck in the side, we're guaranteed a work ethic that relieves us of opposition attacks as he launches a move forward every time he has the ball. Then Hernadez himself cannot be faulted much for poor build up play because what he does best is fininshing----which is why I thought he really let himself down with that 'pass' of a shot in the first half that could and should have put us 2-0 up. 

Thankfully though, the ten minutes we actually played were just about enough to see us get the winner. Special mention to David De Gea who turned in yet another brillinat display of shot stopping that has won him a few more admirers. 

We've got a week to prepare for a Spurs game that will be every inch as nerve wrecking as those last ten minutes were.