Manchester United suffered yet another Cup exit, this time at the hands of the bin Dippers at Anfield.

Well first of all, I thought we did well enough on the day to win. It's not often that United dominate the midfield of such a big game but we did.

The issue I have with the performance though is that we failed to trouble Reina enough. We were a bit short in the final third.

Now whilst De Gea will take a large chunk of the blame for the opening goal, none of our defenders managed to get off the ground with Agger, which in my opinion is as much culpable.
I also thought that De Gea could have dealt with Kuyt's winner because, let's be honest, it wasn't in the corner. If he had spread himself , he could have probably got a hand on it. Then the fact that he went for the save with is feet was also a tad worrying.

It's always gutting to lose at Anfield and it was more gutting that after getting past more difficult opponents in the third round, we failed to get past a Liverpool team that didn't play well on the day.

That leaves us with the Europa League and the League for glory this season, so I hope with the returning players and the relatively less congested fixture list, we shall give the title a real go, besides, it has always been priority for me.

We've got Stoke at home in the league tomorrow, so here's to three points and a return to winning ways.