I was talking to a colleague the other day and we came to the conclusion that Paul Scholes is doing what he's doing simply for United. I don't buy the stuff of missing the game and all. I think he's seen his club in big trouble as far as the midfield is concerned and thought that he'd see them through the season as the midfield completes its morphing. I think its down to his sole love for the club.

The Ginger Prince opened the scoring on Saturday on the cusp of half-time with one of those famous late runs in the box that found him at the far post unmarked. His tackling undoubtedly remains the same but it was nice to see our midfield boast some authority with Carrick and Scholes in a sort of competition to spray as many passes as possible. Carrick, for me got that particular accolade with the pass of the game to Welbeck midway the first half. It was simply majestic.

Carrick would of course go on to get himself on the score sheet as well after Welbeck had sealed the win for us. Welbeck himself was the toast of many fans once again and it's easy to see why the manager has opted to put him ahead of Chicharito in the pecking order.

That said, Valencia was the man of the match. The Ecuadorian endured a tough start to the season but he is fast re-establishing himself in the United first team squad with a string of fine displays out on the right wing side. It's just that the lad has regained his appetite to beat his man and put that cross in the box. As such, his assists would be much more than the 5 he has if the forwards were putting away most of the chances he creates. Wayne Rooney in particular passed up an open goal in the second half---wasn't a particularly good day for him anyway.

It was nice to assert more pressure on City ahead of their game at the DW stadium tonight but more importantly because the next few fixtures will not be as easy as we found it on Saturday.

Onwards and Upwards!