Another win, another 1-0 win, another drub performance albeit with an exhibition of defensive solidity----Manchester United went into the tea-time fixture at Villa Park under pressure as City had opened up an eight point lead earlier. The challenge therefore was to get the three points, which we did to keep up the pressure.
It was our fifth away victory of the season--equaling last season's total but the harsh reality is that last season can no longer be used as a yardstick to win this year's title.

Thing is, we were ''okay'' last season and that was enough to win us the league. This season, as did happen in 2005 with Chelsea, City have raised the bar. It means that ''okay'' may not be enough for us to win the league this year. We need to up the ante a little bit.

It was nice to see Jones get his first goal for the cub. His celebration with the manager was the highlight of the game. The one worrying stat that possibly explains our goal drought is that Wayne Rooney spent more time in our half than in the opposition penatly area. Why he's dropping deep even with two holders in the middle beats me. It was sad to see Javier join an already long list of casualties but equally god to see Danny return. What a chance for him to once again stake a claim.

Got a crucial game coming up in midweek in Switzerland---a game we cannot afford to lose. It was unthinkable that we would fail to make the last 16 in Europe in 2005. I'm entitled to think that its impossible to fail again this time round so I do hope that the players do themselves justice and get the win.


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