Yes the opposition wasn't the sternest around but at the moment, we've been limping regardless who we're up against so I have to say that it was more like the Manchester United we know that turned up on Saturday. Quite frankly, we couldn't afford anything less.

City have been close to perfect this season and that has meant that we've had to step up our title charge even earlier than we usually do. We've been moaning about how they've not yet really been tested domestically but December is the month in which they come up against the kind of teams in the league that make your afternoon longer than you want to. That we had the opportunity to pile pressure on them going into the Chelsea game was a blessing because we blew one such opportunity against Newcastle. I'm pleased that we can now watch them with our feet up.

It was great to see Wayne and Nani get on the score sheet again. Wayne has possibly started a run and I hope he keeps shooting at goal rather than looking for that pass in the six yard box. To be honest, the one reason why I adored Cristiano and still do is because regardless of how many players are in the box, he will shoot at goal, if not with the aim of getting a deflection. Against Basel the other night, there was obviously no way we were going to pass that ball through their 2 layered wall of a defence and expect to score. Such games need players that are willing to take advantage of the little space outside the box and shoot at goal. If anything, the keeper is likely to be unsighted and that can heavily determine the outcome.

Next up is the very hectic Christmas schedule that has, overtime, come to be a very good indicator of who will come out on top come May. I hope we'll traditionally be up for it.