A somewhat belated review and preview but what the heck;

Liverpool have recently bought a reputation of bullying United out of their skins at Anfield and that has accounted for our poor form on the day in the last three fixtures on that ground. Its therefore good to note that on this occasion, our boys dd not let the bullys have it all their way as we had our best game there since 2007/08 season.

The first talking point was the team news; Now Sir Alex has built a reputation of shocking us with team news every now and then when we least expect it and I must say I wasn't too surprised by the side he chose to start with. In any case, I had initially hopped for Welbeck upfront alone as I think he's much better equipped for the role than Rooney who will usually shift office to the midfield when the supply is at a minimum.

Individually, at '90 minutes, it was hats off to David De Gea, Chris Smalling and Danny Welbeck in that order. I think its refreshing that more than the veterans, its our U-23 team that has contested the man of the match awards so far this season.

Javier Hernandez came off the bench to score the point winner that made him statistically, the best substitute in United's history---what a lad!
Finally on that game, we need to address the issue of the wall parting in free-kick situations. I mean Gerrard scored the same goal in the OT game last season---this time Fletcher moving from the wall. It sucks to concede  two from the same mistake so pull it together guys. I know a lot is at stake given the area where the ball will strike but hey; that's what the weekly cheque is meant to compensate---so your hands should be enough cover.
Oh and Suarez is a disgrace to football--end of story!

We're in action in the Champions League tonight and for goodness' sake; get the 3 point tonight; Hell the team even owes us a performance of some sort in Europe. The irony is that the team tonight could be stronger than the one that started on Saturday---so if you believe Wayne's tweets; he and a host of other big name players were being rested for the game against Otelul Galati tonight.

Till then; Ciao!