It's not bad being a United fan now because at this rate, they might as well hand over the trophies to United.

The 5-0 away win at the Reebok ensured the critics will be put away for another 7 days at least until United host Chelsea this Sunday. In the meantime, though, we can revel in the sheer entertainment value that United have treated us to this season. A start like no other I can remember in the Premier League era and one that has seen us record a record stunning 18 goals in the first 4 matches of the season. Given that this wasn't supposed to be an easy start, at least on paper, we ought to recognise the effort of the players and coaching staff for taking the task on, hands on.
Ultimately, this period ensures that whatever blip we suffer from hereon, will be greatly mitigated by the start we've made.

Many will point to Chelsea's early season form last season as evidence to show that United shouldn't get carried away an rightly so; but you feel that given the number of vultures waiting to devour the team at any slip, we might just end up being a team that is too scared to lose a match that they don't lose one.

The litmus test for this team is yet to come and we may get a little insight into the importance of Clevereley in the next one month given his absence. I thought Carrick slowed down the team when he came on---a feature that distinctly differentiates our experienced team from the young lads. Whilst the young lads would like to carry on the scoring even at 4-0, the older heads might prefer to see out game. I'm glad Sir Alex sticks with the younger when he has the option to do so.

It was nice seeing Hernandez getting his first couple of the season; he was dead unlucky not to bad a hat-trick of his own. Its nice to note that so far we've got all six points on offer away from home. If we can get in more away wins and protect our home record, then that will do for the league.

Before Sunday though is a small matter of a Champions League tie with Benfica away. They'll expect to be the next best thing in the group after us. They are the kind of side that will tear you apart if you take your foot off the pedal so hopefully the manager goes for experience to see us post the first three points of the Group phase. A point wouldn't be bad either given the permutations but being spoilt for success like we are, we always want to win regardless of the circumstances;

Roll on!