If last week didn't give you reason to put those finger nails in the mouth again, for he first time in 2 months, maybe this Sunday will.

It's kick-off time in the Barclays Premier League (much to the disappointment of my fingernails and my heart) and the banana probably couldn't get more slippery than at WBA on Sunday.
I know West Brom are one of the five teams we managed to beat away from home last term but those who watched that game will agree with me that we could easily have lost it by more than the one goal that we won it by. I mean if Gary Neville gets sent off and Peter Odemwinge converts that penalty, it would have been curtains.

Ever since Woy (Roy) took charge of them in the middle of last season, they've only lost two games there. They are a typical Premier League team that will take your punches to the shin and if they don't draw blood, will have a go at you themselves. Roy has made them a sort of Fulham team in 2009. According to what I'm hearing, they've offered Owen Hargreaves a contract. Thankfully, he won't make it in time for tomorrow.

The manager will use the second half display in the Community Shield to aid him pick a team. Evra, Hernandez, Fletcher and Valencia are out of this one but they should be easily replaced by Fabio, Berbatov/Welbeck, Cleverly and Young.
We've played some fantastic football right from the tour to that Shield game last Sunday----the kind of football that has given many United fans hope that we can actually cope without trying to replace Scholes from outside the club. I hope we start the season in that kid of form as well.

We play the top six teams from last season within the first two months of the season. It literally means that if things don't go our way, we could be out of the title race by October. We'll therefore have to collect all the points that we can and failing to get all three tomorrow will be something close to a disaster for me.

So come on United!