For us who just can't stand the thought or sight of United losing a game, today will mark the end of the holiday for us.

On Monday, Manchester United made for the US for their tour and tonight will see the club officially unofficially kick-off the 2012 football season with a friendly against New England Revolution.

Sir Alex clearly brought out my sentiments when he said that Manchester United being Manchester United cannot afford to take any game for granted be it a friendly or not because of the amount of criticism that would thence emanate from the press and fickle fans. Hopefully the players will start the American dream with a BANG!

Meanwhile, David Gill os over in Italy trying to land United's fourth summer signing----Wesely Sneijder. If that goes well; I might just spare a finger or two in the coming season.

On a sad note, Javier Hernandez lost his grandmother today so our prayers are with him. You can follow text updates of the game tonight on our facebook page.
P.S I'll have to wake up at 3.am to watch it!